Insurt: Where it all started

Published on Feb 24, 2019


In the beginning, there was nothing. And then, there was The Puzzle Paradox! This was the original idea for what is now Insurt - Puzzle Game.

This game changed in every way, from tone to playstyle, The Puzzle Paradox was originally slated to be a completely different game. In this game, the player had an inventory of blocks for each level. Similar to Insurt, each of these blocks would have special properties, such as a one use or one direction block. The player was meant to place "direction changer" blocks around to guide the cube to the end of the level. The player cube would continue moving in one direction until it hit a barrier or a direction changer block, etc. This idea was quickly scrapped because it did not pose much of a challenge, and did not allow for much creativity in puzzles.

Concept drawings for The Puzzle Paradox

A fundamental aspect of the game changed, and that was the ability to manipulate time. In the original plan, portals would not only change the position of the player cube, they would also change what time the player was in (shown by a progress bar/timeline on the bottom of the screen). For example, you might start in the middle of the timeline and as you move it would fill in to the right. When you went back in time, you would now be filling in the portion of the bar behind where you had already been. If you crossed paths with a time you had already played, you would either loose the level, or somehow have the ability to manipulate the player cube from the past/future.

Needless to say, this dimension of the game turned out way too confusing and was scrapped in favour of a simplified move based puzzle game.