Maze Solver Bot

Published on Sep 7, 2017


Maze Solver Bot is an interactive Twitch game that I made in a weekend. It can be found at

The name "Maze Solver Bot" isn't really that accurate because the bot can't solve the mazes by itself. It relies on user input to decide on how to choose it's next move.

The objective is to reach the end of the maze. The white square is the bot, and the hollow square is the end point. They spawn in opposite corners at the beginning of every round. To play the game, you type a direction into chat. The direction with the most votes after 15 seconds is the direction the bot will move. If there is only one possible move that doesn't take it back to it's previous position, it'll take that move without waiting for a vote. In the case of a tie, it will choose one of the directions at random.

The game also has a leaderboard. Every time you help complete a maze by voting at least once in that round, you'll get a point when the maze is completed. If two people have the same number of points, the person who contributed for the first time more recently will be above. The leaderboard is cleared every 24 hours, but it still keeps track of how many solves you have in total.

And that's it! The game is very simple. I didn't make this game to be fun, that was more of an afterthought. The main reason I created it was to see if I could even get it to work, which I did.

I made this with Game Maker Studio, using a handy extension that you can find at It's being streamed from an Android device using this app: The mazes are randomly generated using Kruskal's algorithm:'s_algorithm.

Thanks for reading!