Insurt's Worlds

Published on Apr 14, 2019


Insurt takes place in a variety of environments, and a lot of thought and planning was put into this aspect of the game. Insurt clearly takes place in another world, but elements from our world, such as rain and gravity, have made it into Insurt.

Each world has a theme. The background of the first few worlds is based on the new block introduced in that world. World 2 is gray, for the gray solid block introduced. World 3 is red, the same colour as the one use block added in this world. World 4 is purple for the portal, and 5 is black for the one use block. The while the other world's aren't based on the new block introduced, they have vibrant colours that compliment those that were.

Rain in the first world of Insurt

In all worlds (except for world 5, as explained below), rain is a regular occurance. This rain is procedurally generated, to ensure a somewhat even spread of rain particles, and a regular interval of it's occurance.

Each world in Insurt has it's own soundtrack, which are meant compliment the environment and mood of the level. There is also special music that plays only during cutscenes.

Ominous darkness in world 5

World 5 takes place in space, which is a pretty dark place. It also doesn't rain here, because it's space. The starry background works great with the theme of this world, props to BitBlox.

It is in World 5 that you have an interaction with the ghostly supporting character, and find the flashlight (which doesn't function too well on hard difficulty). This darkness contributes to the story, as the ghostly character scolds you for your use of the flashlight and lack of appreciation for the world (which seems rather confusing given that the light let's you see it, right?). Needless to say, every detail of Insurt's worlds were created with purpose. To learn more about Insurt's story (spoiler alert), click here.