Original Concept Art for Insurt

Published on Mar 3, 2019


A lot of thinking and planning went in to Insurt. Here are some concept drawings, made before the first line of code was even written:

Insurt concept drawings (still referred to as The Puzzle Paradox at this time)

In the first drawing, we can see the basics of the user interface being designed. The move counter, restarts, and current level number all made it into the final game. The pause menu also functions exactly as it was depicted here. So decided upon was the base 7x7 grid and gravity, which served as the foundation for Insurt today.

In the second drawing, we can see a list of blocks, most of which made it into the final game. The one direction block was scrapped because it was simple enough to only allow entry from one side with the use of solid blocks and/or portal blocks. The bridge and bridge activator blocks were inspired from a game called Bloxorz. We can also see from this image that the default solid block (the gray one) was originally going to be the logo for the game. Think of how boring that would have been.

The third drawing brings a few of the cubes to life with colour. Three of the four blocks were kept, but the yellow and green one never made it. Colour design for blocks mostly happened on the computer, because it was easy to swap out colours and much more time consuming to draw each one out one at a time.