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Insurt is a fun puzzle game with colorful cubes. Discover new cubes with special properties. The game focuses on decisions and experimentation, and has no form of time limit.

Move your cube to the end of the level. After every 20 levels, you will be introduced to something new. The game also includes a level editor, serving as a sandbox to make and share your own levels.

Featuring 180 levels, 3 game modes, achievements, and a level editor. Available in English, Spanish, and French.

Rave Reviews:

"An amazing game! I like how there are a lot of levels and that you have them divided up in "worlds". I like it! Good job!"
- MisterTtocS
"Pretty cool."
- SwifterZee
"Very fun addicting game!"
- Delfina Reyes
"Very fun!"
- Burry Williams
"Good game for people who have good spatial skills. Easy to just play a level or two when you have time. Simple but surprisingly addictive."
- Anonymous
"My favorite game in my phone!"
- Eilish Koch

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